Monday, March 21, 2016

Obama; why I like him

Obama; An unassuming president

Politicians , particularly in Asia and Africa,  promise you the heaven to grab power and ready to do  almost anything and everything to remain  in power as long as they can.As such I do not have much respect for them barring  a few. I appreciate and respect only a few and one of them is  president Obama.

Most of you would agree with me that  he stands out from the rest of those who are in power simply because of his simplicity.
If he had been an arrogant person he would never have been elected the first black president in the United states.
Once he visited Britain he even  shook hand with a guard at the entrance to the Prime minister's office, an unthinkable thing for British elite. Undiplomatic behaviour.
His guileless  smile is an expression of his inner self.

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